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Pond Tender:
one who helps change the world of water.

Pond Doctor's mission is to create an attractive & lasting aesthetic impact on ponds & streams through design & by restoring them to their beautiful, original state using carefree holistic & trout-friendly methods.


Pond Doctor's vision is to enhance the aesthetic beauty of all ponds using the best holistic techniques & technology available while helping the community thrive by providing exciting jobs & a rewarding place to work.

Carefree pond services in Montana & beyond.

Pond Doctor designs & maintains backyard trout ponds around Montana & beyond.  Trout is a relatively sensitive species of freshwater fish that require pinpoint water parameters in order to thrive.  It's important to implement ideal designs.


What we doctor:


~ Aquatic vegetation removal 

~ Customized treatments 

~ Stream restoration


~ Natural swimming pools

~ Water features

~ Ponds


~ Pond supplies: liners, aerators, pumps, & more

~ Live fish: trout restocking (& permitting), koi, & beyond
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Kyle Jones

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